Poker Journey Day #3

Earlier today I said that I wouldn’t be playing any poker today. As I was reading some forum post in 2+2 and reading some poker strategies and watching videos, I got the feeling that I need to play poker. So there I was registering to the MicroMillions Event #19 $4.40 NLHE 4-Max.

MicroMillions Event #19 $4.40 NLHE 4-Max

I just lasted only 8 hands in this game, I have became very aggressive specially when I’m on position. I almost raise 88 and AJs but got no caller. My last hand when I was holding AKo I was on the BTN, CO open raise 3xbb and I 3-bet him, he 4-bet me making me commit 3/4 of my stack so I shove all-in. It turn out that his card is QJs and flop when Jd5c5s8c3h. So that was the fastest $4.40 tournament I’ve ever spent. It only lasted like 5 minutes. Great right?

Micro Stakes MTT SNG

Thinking that I wanted to play another MicroMillions Event but it would be a long night for me specially I have a church service tomorrow so I decided to play $0.50 45 and 90-players and $1.00 45 players SNGs.

Like yesterday I got bust out 47th place in the 90-player $0.50, lost at 9th place in with my QQ against AA all-in. and finish 4th place in the 45-player $0.50 SNG. I was hoping to finish at at least 3 place in the 45-player and make it through the 5th place in the $1 SNG to cover my loses and make a little profit for today. I still wanted to play but I think I’ll just take a rest for the night.

For the Bankroll report:

Starting: $119.39
End: $115.52
Profit: -3.87

Poker Journey Day #2

Yesterday I was not in the mood of writing a blog for the result of my game after losing at the MicroMillions Event #8 $4.40 NLHE with a stupid mis-click all-in raise with less than a 40 left in to the money table.

MicroMillions-008: $4.40 NLHE

Just to give you a summary of what happen in the event #8, I decided to play the T$5.50 that I won in the satellite for the $5.50 MicroMillions Event #7 at the Event #8 since Event #7 will be starting quite early for me.

During the first few minutes I ran pretty good hand, played very aggressive and always above the average stack. With 2K players remaining for the money table, I started to play very selective of my hand and very tight. I lost half of my stack as I open raise 4xbb with AKs in UTG+1 and the button called. Flop went, 8s3c2c, I bet half the pot and the button calls and came Ac, I bet again 1/3 of the pot and he calls, and check-check at the river show cards he made the flush with 9c7c.

From there with only 10bb and less than a hundred left for ITM I played really tight and folded 22 in the BB when the someone raise x2bb, folded A6o in the BB with faced a min-raise and folded 77 when faced all-in. Sadly, with only 37 left, one player chatted me asking what happen to my stack, I replied and hit the enter key which is the raise 4bb on my hotkeys. I accidentally raised J4o the button with only 1.5bb left in my stack and was called by the BB with A8o, After that I was so tilt I started to play cash game for an hour which made me lose $6.

MicroMillions-010 $1+R NLHE

I tried to recollect myself, I watch MTT poker video and during the 3/4 of the video I decided to play the Event #10 $1+R NLHE. Since it was less than 20mins left before the rebuy ended, I went crazy shoving Kxo, Ax0 and 22+. I manage to win huge pot against 3-way all-in with my KTs agains A6o and J4s hitting the flush on the turn. As always I tried playing tight when there’s only 3K, my goal was to reach the ITM with my healthy stack. I manage to finish 141th earning $59.05 – $11.10 (buy-in + rebuys and add-on) with a 47.95 profit.

MicroMillions-011: $11 NLHE 6-Max

With the winning I got on Event #10, I registered for Even#11 $11 NLHE 6-Max. What I learn in Event #10, it’s either you play very aggressive with your card, against your opponent and your position or you fold. I got my share of luck with my 32o against a AJo in a 9h7hKc board. First I was in the BB and the button min-raise, I was thinking he was trying to steal the blinds so I re-raise him. He calls, the the 9h7hKc flop, I check and he raise, so I know he got nothing but I have this got feeling to shove it hoping he would fold but he called good thing I hit my pair deuce on the river. All in all, I end up at the 1600 position bagging $20.10 – the $11 buyin earning me $9.10.

Micro MTT SNGs

As I end my day, I played $0.50 45 and 90 player and $1 90 players. Busted out early in the $.50 90 players, lost at 18th place in the $1 MTT and finish 2nd place in the $0.50 45 players making me earn $4.35.

I must say that this day was really awesome. I broke my biggest win in the tournament, Passing my first $100 in my BR and making ITM 2 out of 3 MicroMillions Events. I wouldn’t be playing today and tomorrow, as I’ll be resting the whole day today and got church service tomorrow. Will resume playing probably on Tuesday for Event #47, I’m thinking if I’ll play for the Event #36 s it has a $300K Gtd prize money with only $11 buy-in. Oh well, I hope this upswing will continue until the MicroMillions Main Event =]

For the Bankroll report for today:

Starting: 64.86
End: $119.39
Profit: +54.53


Oh btw, I decided that I’ll be updating this blog at the end of the day so I can summarize my play and what happen to me for the day giving me a quick review of my performance and progress. So yeah, that’s all for now!

MicroMillions-003 Result

Just knockout at MicroMillions even #3. It’s been two hours and 38 mins since it started, I got off really nice constantly above the average chip. Then got moved to another table and there goes the downfall. Didn’t get any good hands all I’ve done is to steal the blinds and antes.

Oh well out of 45,569 I’m the 9,048th guy making me empty handed as I walk out. Well that’s all for now. The good thing about today is I get an experience on how crazy and exhausting this kind of events.

Back in November 1 when it the MicroMillions was announce in Pokerstars, I thought it would be… well I’m not saying easy but getting into the money table is attainable. Now I found out that it was really really exhausting.

For the Bankroll report for today:

Starting: $76.28
End: $64.86
Profit: -11.42

That’s all for now!

MicroMillions-002 Result

Well, out of 42,942 players entered this event I manage to finish at 7,179 place. I tried playing as tight as possible during the middle phase. I got bust out first hand after the break, my last hand was pocket 6:

Poker Stars $0.91+$0.09 No Limit Hold’em Tournament – t5000/t10000 Blinds + t1000 – 9 players – View hand 2000608

SB: t104158 M = 4.34

BB: t280743 M = 11.70

UTG: t254620 M = 10.61

UTG+1: t269978 M = 11.25

UTG+2: t124360 M = 5.18

Hero (MP1): t55140 M = 2.30

MP2: t81150 M = 3.38

CO: t216718 M = 9.03

BTN: t209397 M = 8.72

Pre Flop: (t24000) Hero is MP1 with 6 of hearts 6 of clubs

3 folds, Hero raises to t30000, MP2 raises to t80150 all in, 3 folds, BB calls t70150, Hero calls t24140 all in

Flop: (t228440) 7 of hearts K of clubs Q of spades (3 players – 2 are all in)

Turn: (t228440) 7 of diamonds (3 players – 2 are all in)

River: (t228440) 5 of hearts (3 players – 2 are all in)

Final Pot: t228440

BB shows A of diamonds K of hearts (two pair, Kings and Sevens)

Hero shows 6 of hearts 6 of clubs (two pair, Sevens and Sixes)

MP2 shows 8 of clubs A of clubs (a pair of Sevens)

BB wins t52020

BB wins t176420

The money table was 5,625 and yeah, to bad I didn’t make it. As far as I can remember, I double re-buy twice and an add-on. Though I won the seat from a $0.35 6-max sat. So all-in all I lost $4.90. I was hoping to reach the final table so it could compensate my buy-ins and add-on and add few $ on my bankroll.

Anyway, right no I’m playing the MicroMillions-003 $3.30 NLHE 6-Max tourney, good thing there’s now rebuy so players are now tight and there are no crazy 72o all-ins.

So that’s all for now, after this tourney I’ll take a rest and prepare myself for a long day tomorrow.


MicroMillions-001 Result

After a long wait the MicroMillions III just started 3 hours ago. Total entrance was 53870 and out of that I was out at 5068th place with a $1.24 price added in my bankroll.

Though I buy in around six times I think and an add-on with a total buy-in of $0.76. Not really a good start but I was thankful enough getting into the money table.

Right now I’m playing the MicroMillion-002 $1+$ NLHE tournament. I hope I could make it to the money table again and it would be really awesome if I can get to the final table.

That’s all for now.