Poker Journey Day #2

Yesterday I was not in the mood of writing a blog for the result of my game after losing at the MicroMillions Event #8 $4.40 NLHE with a stupid mis-click all-in raise with less than a 40 left in to the money table.

MicroMillions-008: $4.40 NLHE

Just to give you a summary of what happen in the event #8, I decided to play the T$5.50 that I won in the satellite for the $5.50 MicroMillions Event #7 at the Event #8 since Event #7 will be starting quite early for me.

During the first few minutes I ran pretty good hand, played very aggressive and always above the average stack. With 2K players remaining for the money table, I started to play very selective of my hand and very tight. I lost half of my stack as I open raise 4xbb with AKs in UTG+1 and the button called. Flop went, 8s3c2c, I bet half the pot and the button calls and came Ac, I bet again 1/3 of the pot and he calls, and check-check at the river show cards he made the flush with 9c7c.

From there with only 10bb and less than a hundred left for ITM I played really tight and folded 22 in the BB when the someone raise x2bb, folded A6o in the BB with faced a min-raise and folded 77 when faced all-in. Sadly, with only 37 left, one player chatted me asking what happen to my stack, I replied and hit the enter key which is the raise 4bb on my hotkeys. I accidentally raised J4o the button with only 1.5bb left in my stack and was called by the BB with A8o, After that I was so tilt I started to play cash game for an hour which made me lose $6.

MicroMillions-010 $1+R NLHE

I tried to recollect myself, I watch MTT poker video and during the 3/4 of the video I decided to play the Event #10 $1+R NLHE. Since it was less than 20mins left before the rebuy ended, I went crazy shoving Kxo, Ax0 and 22+. I manage to win huge pot against 3-way all-in with my KTs agains A6o and J4s hitting the flush on the turn. As always I tried playing tight when there’s only 3K, my goal was to reach the ITM with my healthy stack. I manage to finish 141th earning $59.05 – $11.10 (buy-in + rebuys and add-on) with a 47.95 profit.

MicroMillions-011: $11 NLHE 6-Max

With the winning I got on Event #10, I registered for Even#11 $11 NLHE 6-Max. What I learn in Event #10, it’s either you play very aggressive with your card, against your opponent and your position or you fold. I got my share of luck with my 32o against a AJo in a 9h7hKc board. First I was in the BB and the button min-raise, I was thinking he was trying to steal the blinds so I re-raise him. He calls, the the 9h7hKc flop, I check and he raise, so I know he got nothing but I have this got feeling to shove it hoping he would fold but he called good thing I hit my pair deuce on the river. All in all, I end up at the 1600 position bagging $20.10 – the $11 buyin earning me $9.10.

Micro MTT SNGs

As I end my day, I played $0.50 45 and 90 player and $1 90 players. Busted out early in the $.50 90 players, lost at 18th place in the $1 MTT and finish 2nd place in the $0.50 45 players making me earn $4.35.

I must say that this day was really awesome. I broke my biggest win in the tournament, Passing my first $100 in my BR and making ITM 2 out of 3 MicroMillions Events. I wouldn’t be playing today and tomorrow, as I’ll be resting the whole day today and got church service tomorrow. Will resume playing probably on Tuesday for Event #47, I’m thinking if I’ll play for the Event #36 s it has a $300K Gtd prize money with only $11 buy-in. Oh well, I hope this upswing will continue until the MicroMillions Main Event =]

For the Bankroll report for today:

Starting: 64.86
End: $119.39
Profit: +54.53


Oh btw, I decided that I’ll be updating this blog at the end of the day so I can summarize my play and what happen to me for the day giving me a quick review of my performance and progress. So yeah, that’s all for now!

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