Poker Journey Day #4

I said last Saturday that I won’t be playing poker but I end up playing one FifthyFifty game and end up winning $.10.

I don’t normally play during Sundays but I remember that I won a Sat for $2.20 PCA Sat 1,000 seat guarantee for $10. I decided to play that Sat and just unregister for the $10 so I have some tourney tickets.

I end up winning on the 1000th place unfortunalety the $10 Sat tourney is already running so I have no choice but to play. I’m not really feel like playing that tourney since there are over 5K+ players and still adding and there’s only 10 seats guarantee for that event. So I just played really aggressiveness. I end up losing with a AK with my AQo in a AKQxx board.

Last night I decided to play at the MicroMillions Event #50: $4.40 NL Hold’em. I lost with set-over-set and rebuy for another $4. After 30mins the blinds went up to the point I only have 6bb lefts so I bluff steal-shove the blinds in the BTN with my 96o since the SB and BB are TAGs, unfortunately BB called with A5s, both of us didn’t hit the board.

I was thinking to play MTTs but decided to finish writing my challenge post at the 2+2.

For the Bankroll report:

Starting: $115.52
End: $106.44
Profit: -9.08

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