[Challenge] Becoming A Poker Pro: The Transition

So I decided to have a challenge/goal for my poker journey. I’ve been thinking a lot about though I am still not sure if I’ll pursue these career. I really want to give it a try and see if I’ll be successful at this since I’ve never been really successful in playing poker in the long run.

You can follow my forum post at 2+2 regarding my challenge, this is not a short term goal but this is a goal until 2013. I might be successful, I might fail, but I’ll give this a whole year a try.

I’ll be focusing full-time in poker starting 2013 after my last freelance project ends. I might take some project for the local campaign in the Philippines but after it will be my last project.

I don’t have life saving, I get my income in my web hosting business that help me get through the month but I would be honest it is not enough. That’s why I am hoping poker can give me a chance to be successful in life.

So for the goals:

Monthly Goal (December):

[  ] Deal with my tilt
[  ] Complete my computer poker setup
[  ] Reach $250 in my bankroll
[  ] Able to play 5hrs/day
[  ] Play 600 SnG/MTT games
[  ] Get a 1 hour 2+2 couching session
[  ] Finish 2 DC series about SnG/MTT
[  ] Buy “The Mental Game of Poker”
[  ] Finish “The Mental Game of Poker Book.
[  ] Get the $10 VIP Stellar Reward

Short Term Goal (Until March 2013):
[  ] Reach $1,000 in my bankroll
[  ] Get a 2 hours 2+2 couching session
[  ] Able to play 7hrs/day
[  ] Play 3,000 SnG/MTT games
[  ] Improve Head-Up Play
[  ] Buy the new BlackBerry 10 (LOL)
[  ] Buy a license for Hold’em Manager
[  ] Buy a license for Table Ninja
[  ] Loose 20 pounds

Long Term Goal (Until December 2013)
[  ] Reach GoldStar VIP Status
[  ] Reach $10,000 in my bankroll
[  ] Play 15,000 SnG/MTT games
[  ] Able to make my first withdraw
[  ] Loose 50 pounds
[  ] Get a $1,000 life savings

Super Long Term Goal (within 5 years)
[  ] Consisteny make $1,000/month for monthly expenses
[  ] Have my condominium unit
[  ] Provide for my parent’s utility bills
[  ] Reach Supernova Elite
[  ] Have my own car
[  ] Start another online

Life Goal (Poker):
[  ] Play at FPT (Filipino Poker Tour)
[  ] Play at PPT (Philippine Poker Tour)
[  ] Play at APT (Asian Poker Tour)
[  ] Play at APPT (Asia Pacific Poker Tour)
[  ] Play at WSOP
[  ] Win a WSOP Bracelet

You can check the list of my goals on the sidebar, I’ll be putting it later today. So yes, that would be all.

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