Poker Journey Day #3

Earlier today I said that I wouldn’t be playing any poker today. As I was reading some forum post in 2+2 and reading some poker strategies and watching videos, I got the feeling that I need to play poker. So there I was registering to the MicroMillions Event #19 $4.40 NLHE 4-Max.

MicroMillions Event #19 $4.40 NLHE 4-Max

I just lasted only 8 hands in this game, I have became very aggressive specially when I’m on position. I almost raise 88 and AJs but got no caller. My last hand when I was holding AKo I was on the BTN, CO open raise 3xbb and I 3-bet him, he 4-bet me making me commit 3/4 of my stack so I shove all-in. It turn out that his card is QJs and flop when Jd5c5s8c3h. So that was the fastest $4.40 tournament I’ve ever spent. It only lasted like 5 minutes. Great right?

Micro Stakes MTT SNG

Thinking that I wanted to play another MicroMillions Event but it would be a long night for me specially I have a church service tomorrow so I decided to play $0.50 45 and 90-players and $1.00 45 players SNGs.

Like yesterday I got bust out 47th place in the 90-player $0.50, lost at 9th place in with my QQ against AA all-in. and finish 4th place in the 45-player $0.50 SNG. I was hoping to finish at at least 3 place in the 45-player and make it through the 5th place in the $1 SNG to cover my loses and make a little profit for today. I still wanted to play but I think I’ll just take a rest for the night.

For the Bankroll report:

Starting: $119.39
End: $115.52
Profit: -3.87

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