MicroMillions-003 Result

Just knockout at MicroMillions even #3. It’s been two hours and 38 mins since it started, I got off really nice constantly above the average chip. Then got moved to another table and there goes the downfall. Didn’t get any good hands all I’ve done is to steal the blinds and antes.

Oh well out of 45,569 I’m the 9,048th guy making me empty handed as I walk out. Well that’s all for now. The good thing about today is I get an experience on how crazy and exhausting this kind of events.

Back in November 1 when it the MicroMillions was announce in Pokerstars, I thought it would be… well I’m not saying easy but getting into the money table is attainable. Now I found out that it was really really exhausting.

For the Bankroll report for today:

Starting: $76.28
End: $64.86
Profit: -11.42

That’s all for now!

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