The Journey stars here

So it’s been weeks since I’ve start thinking about a new site for my poker journal. I have no idea why I want one and why I want to make it as a independent site rather than creating a blog thread in poker forum.

Probably because I am hoping that one day I’ll be good at poker and what to see how I improve through the year or someday I’ll win the WSOP Main Event or WCOOP at Pokerstars and people can see what is it to be a poker player.

Anyway, right now it’s just an hour left before the first MicroMillions tournament starts. My goal for the whole event is to reach just one final table. I’m thinking if I’ll be committing half of my bankroll to this event and deposit additional $20 so I could join more or just use the $20 for the whole event.

Later I’ll tell about myself but right now I need to focus on the game.

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